The Banquet

Maria Lopez, a sexual assault survivor, receives an invitation to The Banquet, a secret annual event where women such as herself get the opportunity to exact vengeance on their attackers.

Get your torture hunger on and read The Banquet, a torture revenge short story where revenge is a dish best served with the Pear of Anguish.

All proceeds will go to Stígamót, an Icelandic charity that offers counsel for victims of abuse.

Nocturnal Blood

Anchorage, Alaska. A place where people don't care if someone goes missing. A place where Leia Walker tries her hardest to hide from the world, wanting a normal life without anxiety and OCD.

But Leia's bubble pops when an old friend is back in town and twists Leia’s reality . A bloody event proves what Leia is scared to learn—Sophie Gardner, her old high school friend and saviour from the bullies, is a vampire.



Nocturnal Farm

Leia Walker has been training to protect her family from vampires ever since her best friend died six months ago. That humans are disappearing all over Europe is a distant worry—

Until her little brother goes to Amsterdam, meets a Sangue—a vampire familiar—and disappears.

Leia knows she can’t save him alone. To bring him home, she must take up arms with the Owls, a group of vampire hunters, without her vampire protectors or the Owls becoming aware of each other.

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Scary Building

What People Says About The Nocturnal Series

Nocturnal Blood is a love letter to the vampire genre. Ms. Mist writes with a hard-hitting, heartfelt, harrowing and suspenseful voice. Her characters are real, with their insecurities. Incorporating high school bullying that adds texture to the protagonists' plight. Bravo!

- Mark Pelletier

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