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A Witch's Dark Desires: Chocolate

Dear diary,

I don't normally write in journals and stuff like that but nonetheless, I need to purge.

Something odd happened yesterday.

I found this notebook on my desk after I came home from school.

I've never seen this book in my life. I thought it belonged to my older sister because she's into bullet journaling but she claimed it wasn't hers.

There's something intriguing about it. Like it belongs to a witch.

Is it a coincidence that I find it when I've been dabbling in the dark arts for a few weeks now? Like it was meant for me?

It's nothing much, really. Looking up spells, curses, collecting crystals and what not. I've seen somewhere on the internet that you're supposed to have your own Grimoire - a book of spells.

Could I use that notebook for that purpose?



What does it mean? Does it grant wishes? Is that even possible? Well, how else can I explain how the sentences appeared out of nowhere?

Should I test it out?

But how should I start?

With something simple, I suppose.

I flipped the page and wrote that I was craving for some chocolate.

I waited.

Nothing happened.

I must admit, I felt disappointed. I honestly thought that a bar of chocolate would magically appear in front of me. Perhaps even emerging from inside the notebook's pages.

I tossed the notebook onto my bed. I have no use for something so stupid.

Then someone knocked on my bedroom door. I jumped and asked who it was. It was my sister.

She came inside, looking a bit flustered. I asked her what she wanted; normally she doesn't bother with me. She's too busy having fun in college and fooling around with her new boyfriend (who's pretty hot for someone like her...).

She told me that she brought me something from her shopping trip. Something that reminded her of me.

I stared at the bar of chocolate.

My sister left without a word, a confused expression on her face, as if she had no idea why she had been in my room to begin with.

It had worked. The notebook had granted my desire.

I peeled off the packaging. The chocolate was as black as tar. It tasted delicious, though.

But today, I can't seem to taste anything but ashes...

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