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House in the Woods

Other stories by me

Abandoned Home
Of Cottages and Cauldrons.jpg

Of Cottages and Cauldrons, an autumn anthology: I´ve got a zombie story called "A Mother's Job".

Krampus Tales.jpg

Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology: I´ve got an Icelandic story about the Yule Cat called "Receiving is Better than Giving".

Campfire Macabre Kindle Edition.jpg

Campfire Macabre: I've got a story about an Icelandic witch called "The Hag's Gift".

The One That Got Away.jpg

The One Who Got Away: Women in Horror Vol. 3: I've got a serial killer story called "The Thrill of the Hunt".

Far From Home.jpg

Far From Home - an anthology of adventure horror: I´ve got an Icelandic folk horror story called "Hell of a Ride".

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