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Trying to resuscitate this dead blog of mine....

Oh my....

Oh my, oh my....

I haven't written anything in over a year.

Which is funny because I actually HAVE been writing for over a year. It's just hasn't been my blog. It's been my books. Well, they're my babies, so I hope you can understand.

But I've realized that having a website could actually be beneficial for me as a self-published author. Especially since I've got my first subscriber - that's when I went into panic mode and really started thinking of how to revive this blog!!

I have plans for it now. I think I NOW know what to write here. It'll be hard to keep up, especially with my other social media and.....oh yeah, I also have a quite busy life as wel.


But I will try my best and hopefully I'll be able to see some viewers here.

Stay tuned. The next post will actually be tomorrow!


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