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I ain't afraid of no ghosts

Except that I am...

Have you guys watched the Unsolved series on Buzzfeed? I'm kind of like Ryan from that show. I'm open-minded to the idea of ghosts and everything surrounding that topic. I mean, I love ghost stories and ghost movies but for some reason they terrify me.

I kept telling myself that I had never experienced anything ghost-related and I was feeling kind of frustrated about it until I remembered something.

I HAD experienced it! I just probably buried it deep into my subconscious and hoped it'd die there.

It happened when I was working at my hometown's folk museum. My job there included being a tour guide as well as keeping the museum clean. There are a couple of preserved houses there where I had to clean every day.

One of them was Neðri-Sýrupartur.

It's a pretty house, right?

According to the folk museum website (because I had taken it upon myself to forget all information about that house), Neðri-Sýrupartur is the oldest preserved timber house in Akranes. It was built in 1875 and used to be situated in the so-called Partar in the older part of Akranes. Its windows had more glass than was usual at the time so the house was promptly named the "Glass Palace", being so much grander than the little turf farms nearby. At its most populous twenty people lived together in the house. Thor Jensen, a well-known entrepreneur, lived there with his family towards the close of the 19th century. Guðmundur P. Bjarnason gave the house to the Akranes Folk Museum in 1989 after which it was renovated and then opened to visitors in 2003. (

Now, don't let that house fool you. It's really haunted!

I think everyone who has worked in this museum has experienced something from that house. It's on two floors and the second floor is the place where most of the activities are.

Every day I had to go up there and dust off things and vacuum the floors. And every single time, I had this nagging feeling that someone was watching me. One time when I was vacuuming the first floor, I heard a noise coming from upstairs but there was no one there. It creeped me out all the time. There were even times that I didn't even clean that house because I felt something disturbing there.

I mean, would you go there every day? Even during winter when the mornings and days are as dark as the night? Nope. nope, nope!

It got easier when a friend of mine got a job at the museum one summer and I insisted that we go together to clean the houses. I told her that we'd finish faster if we did it together but really, I just didn't want to be alone in that place!

The kicker? The museum is located about 5-10 minute walk from my parents' place and we actually live next to the cemetary. So now, I'm always reminded of that place!

So yeah, that's my ghostly experience. I'm always curious about ghosts but I don't think I'd like to experience that again anytime soon.

Question of the day:

Have you ever experienced anything related to ghosts? Tell us in the comments!

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